We have re-opened our Main Studio (353 W. 7th Avenue) for photography! As with the world – so much has changed here as well. We are currently working on updating all areas of our Website to ensure we are providing you with the most up to date information. In the meantime – we ask for your patience and refer you to the confirmation emails you receive. This is where we are reporting the most up to date pertinent information regarding your appointment and/or your order.

How To Prepare

What are you preparing for?


Graduation is a formal event so we always recommend planning ahead.

  • Solid colours are best.
  • Long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended for close-ups because they focus attention on the face.
  • Coordinate your attire from head to toe.
  • If you have a school uniform then that is all you need.
  • You may be required to wear your school uniform for your grad photos.
  • Please do not leave valuables unattended, Artona is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Make sure you like your hair style before your session.
  • Make sure your bangs are not too short. You will be wearing a graduation hat that covers part of your forehead towards the end of your session.
  • Use your regular makeup. Touch up all blemishes. Do your nails the day before. Bring all of the stuff you need to groom yourself. You do not need to have a heavy application of makeup for professional photography. Look natural and your photographs will reflect that.
  • A haircut, one week before your sitting is perfect.
  • We cannot retouch a five o’clock shadow. We recommend you shave a couple of hours prior to your session.

Need Help?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.